Brookfield Elementary’s iPad Initiative Tailors Education to Each Individual Student’s Needs

Brookfield Schools recently launched a 1:1 iPad initiative at its elementary school. Now, every student, teacher and therapist at Brookfield Elementary has an iPad! Additionally, Brookfield Elementary partnered with a company called eSpark to help provide true differentiated instruction for all of the students.

Differentiating instruction is incredibly difficult in any school, but eSpark has helped master this task. First, Brookfield Elementary students underwent a pre-assessment to determine their levels in math and language arts. Next, the teaching staff of Brookfield Elementary collaborated with eSpark to determine if the results appropriately reflected the abilities of the students. Apps were then distributed to the student devices that were unique to their academic levels, thus providing them with an education that was tailored to their needs.

The iPad initiative and collaboration with eSpark has been incredibly successful so far this year. Students are now taking ownership of their learning as they complete the educational quests in the program. Students are using their iPads to create presentations, research projects and type papers.The new access to technology has also allowed staff to be more creative with their daily lessons and instruction, and has allowed us to have a positive impact on the behavior and actions of our students.

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